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Second Sigmoid is passionate about achieving results for its clients. We strongly believe in partnering hands-on with companies to transform businesses through dedicated consultancy, individual / team training and certifications. Our strength is in our ability to understand your business needs and apply rigorous analysis, apply customized tool kits and design solutions to achieve business benefits. We take pride in building sustainable structures and frameworks that convert strategy to action.

There is no denying that well-trained, skilled and groomed workforce can change the course of any organisation. The right mindset and the desired organisational culture instilled across the human capital can leverage and act as a big catalyst to any enterprise transformation. Allow us to partner with you to establish a positive, vibrant and productive work space that embraces change.

Our Value

Our experience and passion to deliver sustainable change is the value that we bring to our clients. Unlike big consulting firms we provide focused attention to our clients and our proximity to engage first-hand and availability of our change agents will ensure you always have the support required at all times. This allows our clients to get nimble and meet desired change objectives fast.

Our Approach

We understand that every organisation is different and every challenge unique. This realisation coupled with listening to your change needs allows us to design specific solutions to achieve the outcomes to get maximum value. We move away from generic frameworks and focus to collaborate with organisations to explore delivery approaches that are bespoke and aligned to their enterprise values, cultures and structures.

How you benefit

Our Practitioners have seen large transformations and strategic change succeed and fail many times over. Our teams have experience in executing programs across every stage of the transformation life cycle and we bring global experiences and best practices that can change the way you execute change. We will never bill our clients unless they see results and your satisfaction is the key and this is our guarantee.

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